Avigilon Security Solutions for Education
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Powerful Search

allows you to sort through hours of video with ease to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across all cameras on school grounds and sites in near real-time.
Avigilon provides complete security and access control solutions powered by AI that deliver actionable results, helping you protect what is most valuable — your students, staff and faculty.
Quick Action

Access Control Manager (ACM)™ generated door events allow you to create rule-based alerts for quick on-site responses, including
immediate school-wide lockdown.
Easy Integration and Cost Savings

Our open platform security solutions easily integrate with your existing systems and technology and our video management system (VMS) works with both HD and analog cameras. Our cameras are compatible with a variety of VMS platforms, and our access control solutions support open field hardware from other leading manufacturers.

Education Grants Help Guide

Leverage the Education Grants Help Guide to support you with identifying grant funding opportunities for your school’s security solutions.