Did You Know A Security Camera Could Be This Small?

Power Your Biggest Investigations With The Smallest Avigilon Camera.

The smallest Avigilon camera yet. This flexible, analytics-enabled camera is purpose-built for areas with limited space or require an unobtrusive monitoring solution, making it ideal for interview rooms, solitary confinement, false walls or ceilings and more.

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How Can You Use The H5A Modular Camera?

Interview Rooms

Place cameras behind false walls and ceilings to provide a discrete recording solution.

Inmate Supervision

Place cameras discreetly to monitor inmate behavior and be aware of suspicious activity.

Critical Entry-Points

Place cameras behind false walls to capture high-resolution images of the identity of everyone visiting the facility.

Confined Places

Place cameras discreetly behind false walls or ceilings to capture what happens in remote but critical areas.

Key Features

System Flexibility

Security teams can save
on installation time with the camera’s flexible imager modules. The heads are designed to be easily adjustable and can be positioned in different orientations to capture the most optimal view of people or scenes of interest for investigations. This includes faces of offenders committing fraud at ATMs, or cheating activities at a casino gaming table. Wide Dynamic Range provides high-quality image details
in areas with strong backlight.

Small & Discrete

As the smallest Avigilon camera yet, the H5A Modular camera offers a lightweight design and a selection of imager modules that allows it to be installed in practically any indoor or outdoor environment. This includes areas with limited space or have discreet installation requirements, such as behind a false wall or ceiling at a police interview room.


Security teams have
greater customization capabilities with the camera’s modular design. The camera’s imager modules are separated by detachable cables that connect to the main unit installed on-site. Each unit can support one or two imager modules. Security teams can mix and match different resolutions and/or form factors for ideal coverage.

Build-in Analytics
& AI Capabilities

Respond faster to critical
events with built-in Next-Generation Video Analytics for enhanced object detection and classification, along with Unusual Activity Detection to flag atypical events. Quickly identify people of interest with the camera’s support for Facial Recognition and locate a person or vehicle across a site with Appearance Search support.

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